FIST Firsts

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last night Svenn got the chance to be part of yet another series of FIST firsts. With backs up against the Tuesday reset deadline, our raid group was yet faced with Thaddius in the Construct Quarter and the unknown of Frostwyrm Lair (accessible only after a full clear of the rest of Naxx). The chips were down so to speak, and everybody understood that if there was to be a serious attempt on Sapph, Thaddius needed to go down in relatively short order.

That being said, all performed fantastically, and FIST recorded its first Thaddius kill as a guild. It took a little while and a few tries, but it was amazing how quickly he went down, once the raid sorted out into positive and negative buffs and stopped killing its-self with cross-charges.

From there we moved onto Sapph, not know exactly what to expect but excited to give it the old college try. The animation was amazing, and even though Svenn was Main Tanking on this fight with his shiny new Frost Gear, he couldn't help but sit and stare as Sapphiron formed out of the pile of bones in the middle of the floor.

It took several attempts to get the mechanics of the fight down, but once things got rolling the end was inevitable. Thus FIST, on their first venture into the upper tier of Naxx was able to slay Sapph and gain the Key to the Focusing Iris (gets you into the Eye of Eternity). Corday won the roll for the key, and frankly Svenn was a bit relieved not to have to shoulder the responsibility of being the only guild member with the key.

From there, several attempts at Kel'Thuzad were made, but as the hour was late and we were plagued with connection issues, the decision was made to call it and head for home. Overall, the night was a huge success which saw two progression kills and another step closer to being able to push past Naxx (which for the most part has become a bit tiresome). It was also the first night in a long time where every drop was an upgrade for someone, and nothing got DEed.


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