Fishing, Fighting, and Flame Leviathans

Thursday, June 4, 2009

In reverse order from the wonderfully alliterative title; FIST laid the smack down on Flame Leviathan last night. Svenn was not in on the raid (more on that later), but was online and cheering from the sidelines. The victory proves the choice to farm FL each week as we try to polish off Naxx and get EoE down was a good one.

Ottar fought his way up to Northrend inscription last night too. As always, it seems, I was a couple inks short at every turn. Fortunately, Hanka (Grayce's hunter) had some extra herbs and I was able to save some money on mats. Ottar will spend the next week or so below 400, making use of the Inscription Research before it turns grey and he has to start getting tomes in order to learn new glyphs.

Friday afternoon Svenn and some friends are heading out to do some fishing. While Svenn has been known to do some fishing from time to time (he recently finished up the Chasing Marcia Achievement), this trip is somewhat different. He will be heading to the Gulf of Alaska to fish for Halibut and Rock Bass. Preparations for the trip (tide charting, assembling gear, researching pelagic species of bass vs. non-pelagic bass, etc.) have cut into Svenn's WoW time, hence the no raiding this week.

Svenn will be available for raiding again come Monday. Until then, "May your hooks be sharp and your lines be ever tight."


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