A Return to Raiding Part 2

Monday, May 11, 2009

After a fabulously fantastic Friday (yay for alliteration!) in Naxx, Svenn was eager to head back in for more. I must admit, he had been feeling the "purple haze" as epics were raining down like so much mana from heaven.

Rather than continue on to Gluth in the Construct Quarter, we decided to start in on the Military Quarter. Having downed the first two bosses in there before, and riding the high of the previous night's success, we were fairly confident in our groups ability. The trash pulls in this quarter are a bit harder, but nothing a seasoned group of vets couldn't handle and we arrived at Rasuvious without incident.
This fight was all about coordination, as you have to MC (Mind Control) the Instructor's pupils and tank him with them, trading off as their shield wears off and MC breaks. Anyone can do the MC in the 10man version of the fight using the orbs positioned at the front of the Instructor's circle. To maximize DPS and Heals, Svenn and the other tank, Corday, usually control the two understudies and this night was no different.
Note: Due to some bizarre add-on conflict, I have to log out, disable bartender, and then log back in order to get this to work right for me.
We smoked the instructor so fast that we had to turn off heals on the understudies at about 25% because they still had so much health left. After the instructor was down, I tanked Corday's understudy with my own, then ran mine across the room (so he would have to run back across the room to engage us, after MC was broken) and released to tank him on Svenn. It was a fun fight and after another log out to re-enable bartender we were ready to move on.

Gothik was next on the list, and once again it was another clean kill. In this fight the raid is divided by a gate into "living" and "undead" sides. Wave after wave of adds spawn on the living side of the room and as they are killed they transfer to the undead side to be killed again. In the past we had stacked an extra DPS on the undead side of the room so as not to get overwhelmed by adds getting transferred from the living side, but our DPS was so tremendous that there was no need and we kept the groups even for another record fast kill.

From Gothik we ventured into uncharted territory for the guild and made several attempts at the Four Horsemen. These guys had been taunting us since we entered the Military Quarter, and we were ready to shut up the guys who had been calling us "slack jawed daffodils" and whatnot. Never having done the fight before, Svenn knew he was in for some dying, as well as some hefty repair bills. While we were ultimately unsuccessful in our attempts (first attempt lasted all of 15secs), we learned a lot of valuable lessons and tried numerous strategies, finding one or two that should be workable with some practice.

After 3 or 4 wipes, knowing that there was another excursion planned for the morrow, Svenn was ready to cash it in. With the rest of the raid feeling much the same, the decision was made to table the fight and jump back into it first thing Sunday night. Thus we ended the night on a bit of a downer, but had made tremendous progress to date and were happy with our results thus far.


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