A Return to Raiding Part 1

Monday, May 11, 2009

Friday night saw FIST's triumphant return to Naxx. Svenn and the gang layed down a full court press, an all out blitz, and a whole host of other sports metaphors on the place. After two weeks off for most of the raiders, and over a month since Svenn last stepped into Naxx, we figured it would take some time to knock off the cobwebs and shake things out a bit. We were wrong.

We plowed through Anub'Rekhan and the Widow without breaking a sweat. Maexxna put up a fight and saw the only wipe of the night. We chalked the wipe up to bad luck, as the healers spent most of the fight on the walls, getting wrapped one after the other time after time. The second attempt went like clockwork and Macho (Frost Mage) got his first clear of the Arachnid Quarter under his belt.

From there we jumped straight into the Plague Quarter figuring we could down the first boss, Noth and brush up on our dancing skills with Heigan before calling it a night. First Noth fell before us, than Heigan, and before we knew it we were standing in front of Loatheb. We expected Noth to go down without much of a fight, but were not expecting Heigan to go so smoothly. While we had a few deaths during the dance, some well timed Rebirths from our druids helped cut our losses and Heigan crumpled like a house of cards.

Loatheb was his usual heal gimping self, and went down without much of a fight for our fastest kill on him ever at around 5mins. Svenn had picked up Demise earlier in the evening and switched out of his tank gear to provide extra DPS since the fight only required one tank and Corday was footing the bill perfectly. The decision to go with a two handed weapon actually hurt my DPS considerably, but did convince me to pony up the cash for dual spec and should come in handy with the Ret. talents down the road.

Having finished up the first two quarters in record time, we decided to push on and down Patchwerk over in Construct Wing. As always, it was a straight Tank and Spank and we made light work of him. With time still left on most people's flasks we figured OK, lets make one attempt at Grobby before calling it quits. With several new people to the fight we didn't think we would get him down, but at least it would be a learning experience. He too fell before our might and Corday picked up The Skull of Ruin.... it is going to be SO awkward showing up to raids dressed the same.

Feeling mighty pleased with ourselves, we decided to call it and end on a good note. Our resident Enchanter, Arklonn, was sorely missed; both for his witty remarks as well as his DEing. All in all, it was certainly a good first day back.


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