Hit Rating: Hero or Zero?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I took Haager (the DK) through Utgarde Keep last night with the guild. Jazzmynn needed the Shammy helm that drops (or doesn't) off the first boss. We have been farming UK pretty hard for her and it just wasn't dropping so back we went. As I had tanked it on Svenn the previous 2 runs, I really didn't want to do it again, but was able to talk Hamm into bringing his Druid to tank so I could fill out the group with the DK and still get Jazz the run. Qwen healed and Arklonn filled the other DPS slot.

Things I learned: Hit rating is really important. I entered with all blues (mostly craftable Savage Saronite stuff). With my AP at around 2.4k and my crit sitting at 32% percent or so I figured I would be able to dish out my share of the dps. I was wrong. I struggled the whole run to stay ahead of the tank and ended up at about 1.1-1.2k DPS overall, the reason; my Hit rating was at 120 or ~4%. This meant a lot of misses and unrealized DPS.

I also had some problems with positioning, as Svenn is used to standing in front of the mobs and taking a beating. I was slow getting into range and overall managed the cool down on my runes pretty poorly. I kept the Tank focused so I could target his target and that helped me from pulling aggro, not that my pathetic dps could have anyway.

All that being said, the run went smoothly and I picked up some nice pants, complete with hit rating and some gem slots for additional hit.


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