Friday, June 11, 2010

If you've read anything that I've written you may notice that I ramble. I'm very busy running about doing who-knows-what at the oddest times. One thing that I am pretty sure that I have in common with all players is the use of the in game mail system. I fight to get through crowds to get to the mail box to send something to an alt or friend that they "need" or picking up my latest auction house purchase. Lately this has been in Dalaran.

Looking a little closer we can notice that there is a little portal that I would imagine would teleport my mail from one mail box to another. Well it seems that I'm seriously mistaken as to this being a special mail teleport. I challenge you to explain why there's no way to mail conjured mage food through the mail system. Oh sure you're going to explain that I've already answered it myself by stating that it's conjured food, but I disagree. Perhaps, just perhaps, it's because of the ravenous birds that support the mail system. Being magicaly bound denizens of the mail system they have a strong affinity to devour any type of mage food. Zoom in just a little closer to the mailbox "portal" and my point is made.



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Svenn said...

That is pretty amazing. I never noticed the mail birds before, the attention to little details like this are what makes WoW the great game that it is regardless of loot inflation or design flaws (real or perceived).

I guess this is the digital equivalent of "stopping to smell the roses".

June 12, 2010 at 6:19 AM

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