Monday Montage: Moose!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Awhile back Svenn used to do a Monday Montage. Due to busyness, distraction, laziness...pick an adjective, he let that slip by the wayside. Anyways, while this may not be a regular feature again, and has absolutely nothing to do with WoW, it is way to cool not to share. A no-kidding ~1100 lb-ish Moose, calved not 1 but 2 calfs IN MY BACK-YARD!!1! For realsies! She is still there, honest (guess she feels safe what with the new baby vibe being thrown off strongly from our house at the moment). Screenshot or it didn't happen! kk:)

Moma and Baby.


Two baby moose..mooses? moosen?

Photos Credit: Grayce, who at great personal risk to herself, climbed atop our compost heap to get a better vantage (approx. 10-15 meters away from the moose!).
EDIT: Thanks to our cat Peavey, who alerted us to the rather large moose in the backyard (guess he figured it was too big for even a hunter of his skill to take down). I'm sure we would have noticed eventually, but his ever watchful prowling made sure Grayce had time to get some photos right after the birth...pretty amazing.


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