Beta Testing Buddies

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Svenn and Inno have been Beta Testing the new Remote Auction House for about a week now. Here are some initial thoughts….

We have compiled a selection of the various screens and functions available to the user through the remote AH interface (click the image below to enlarge). Each menu or function in the below picture has a number in the upper left corner which corresponds to the same numbered paragraph of the walkthrough (for ease of viewing and reduce the amount of real-estate which would otherwise be used posting multiple separate screenies).
The graphic interface is pretty intuitive and as such, easy to use.
1. Enabling the Remote AH function adds an additional option to your menu (highlighted).
2. Toggeling the Auction House button brings you to the Remote Auction House. Here your AH menu options are listed as well as the option to choose your faction AH or the Neutral AH.
3. At the create Auction screen you have the option to draw items from your bank, bags, and mailbox to post on the AH. Note: you cannot access your guildbank so, items you wish to post from your gbank will need to be moved into your bags/ personal bank (mailing them to yourself also works).
4. Sold Auctions screen, collect your lootz!
5. My Auctions allows for easy navigation through your auctions. The Ended Auctions option enables you to easily repost expired auctions while remembering your last listing prices.
6. Character Selection Screen; I have included this simply because, by changing your “main” on this screen, you can post auctions from any of your characters (as well as viewing how much gold you have on each character).

While the Remote AH is fun to play around on, I’m not sure it will be worth paying for the premium service. I don’t do enough AH business to justify the added expense, and anyone with an industry probably needs to log-in to craft anyway. (Also, as of this beta, there are no batch posting or scan functions which most players with industry find invaluable; understanding that those functions are provided in-game through 3rd party addons.) Given the general pushback from the WoW community at large to RMT and the increasing capitalization of the game, Blizzard would do well to extend the 25 free transactions from the beta test to all accounts while also offering the pay-for-premium service with unlimited transactions to those hardcore AH enthusiasts. In this way, they can avoid appearing overly greedy while still increasing revenue. That being said, this beta has been a great way for Svenn to catch up on all those pesky banking chores that keep piling up without having to dedicate time to sit down at a computer to log in.
Inno. What do I like about this app? Instantly claiming gold from your mailbox. Gone are the days of opening each and every delivery in your mailbox (I don’t run postal). You can post from your chosen toon no matter where you are logged. Items can be posted from your bags, bank, and even items sitting in your mail. This has come in handy for me as I am leveling a new hordie (my other toons are alliance). I can stop in the middle of nowhere and log off, post all the items in my bags that I don’t need to the AH, then log back in and continue my grind.

Another way this has been helpful is by allowing me to log out at a quest giver if they require some sort of “white” item. “No sir, I cannot hand you 15 silk cloth through the outhouse door…all these mobs only drop mageweave…” A quick log out and I’ve purchased 15 silk cloth from the AH that are instantly available when I log back in.

What don’t I like about this app? I don’t like the interface to select your toon that will utilize the Remote AH. Initially I kept getting an armory error (My alliance banker is a level 3 character.) It wasn’t until I came home from work one day when my 10 year old son said, “Hey Dad, here’s how you can select Zombiecat”. This was of course followed by a “No you can’t!” to which he said, “No, look. Here, I’ll show you” (see Step 6 above). Glad I had my 10 year old around to show an old man how it’s done or I wouldn’t have tried this app out :)


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