Not Much of an Intro

Friday, February 26, 2010

A few nights ago Svenn was asked to tank an ICC 10 run for some friends/ mutual acquaintances. Seems, people were determined to make a liar out of him (see: Monday’s Post). Anyways, it turned out that the position of tank had been overbooked by 1. The other pally tank didn’t feel comfortable with his DPS set, so Svenn was nominated to go Ret. It had been a long time since Svenn did any real Ret DPS, but he tries to keep his offset in good order with proper enchants, gems, etc. and so felt fairly comfortable with the role.

Over the next ten minutes amazing things happened. Svenn looked like a hero, 12k DPS out the gate which normalized around 7k by the time we hit Marrowgar…. which is where it all fell apart (for him, not the raid- which one shotted the boss). While overall DPS numbers still looked pretty strong (5kish), the recount for the boss fight itself showed Svenn ahead of only the 2 tanks in DPS with around a 3.4k output. It was at this point that I realized, Svenn needed to do some work on his single target damage output. In spite of his crummy single target numbers, Lady Deathwhisper also went down, as well as The Gunship Battle (I finally got to see what everyone else has been raving about- it IS fun!). We had wasted some time trying to figure out the weekly (A Rotting Giant), which only one person had done before and no one could understand on Vent when they tried to explain it, but ended on a high note with the Gunship.

All the above is by way of introduction for next week’s post on Maximization through Diversification, where Svenn will look at glyph, seal, and libram switching to maximize single target vs. AoE damage output. Sorry for subjecting you to the ramblings, but Svenn is was pretty excited to finally see past Marrowgar, and to get his own jetpack :)

(Not to be outdone by Svenn, last night the tree saw action in ICC for the first time. I am finding out raid healing is a lot of fun, and it is far easier to see the whole picture and direct the action then it is when you are tanking. They downed Marrowgar and had two very strong attempts at Lady DW before calling it a night.)


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