Stood Up!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WARNING: Rant follows...

The other night Svenn pugged Heroic ToC and got bailed on! It was a partial pug to help out a guildie, Sala with his very new level 80 priest. He knew going into it that the Sala was not going to put up fantastic numbers as it was the first heroic run for the toon. Not an issue as Inno the super rogue agreed to come along and pick up the DPS slack (at over 3k DPS he can too!). Svenn knew the healer from somewhere so no worries there, all that was left was to grab a 3rd DPS. A warrior was quickly found to fill in and the group headed in.

After a quick run through on normal, Svenn reset the instance to Heroic and the group headed back in. The first fight was a bit rougher than usual but no real issues, and victory was achieved sans wipe. The luck of the draw was against us and boss number two was the Argent Confessor Paletress. Again, a bit shaky, but again the kill was achieved without a wipe. With only the Black Knight left, Svenn felt pretty confident that he had lucked into a good pug and that Sala was going to have a decent shot at some good loot. Phase 1 and 2 of the BK went smoothly, then quite suddenly it was all over- a wipe on Phase 3.

Svenn was not really sure why they wiped on Phase 3, but was pretty confident the second time would be the charm. Alas, that was a question not to be answered as the Warrior abruptly dropped group and logged. No explanation, no apologies, no nothing! "Coward!" were the derisive cries in /party, but was he? Considering that he was behind the tank in DPS/damage done, and no where near Inno in whatever metric you choose, Svenn thinks he was pretty bold. To quit a group which carried a him on the backs of a heroic effort by one DPS a Healer and a Tank, after only one attempt that fell just short- is nothing short of classy. So, thanks buddy for reminding Svenn yet again why he doesn't pug, even if it's just one slot.


To be fair, the Warriors DPS wasn't all that bad at 2k but, it takes more than that to stay ahead of Svenn anymore...a real winner none-the-less.


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