Magnatuars and Jormungars and Yetis Oh My!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Over the weekend FIST downed the first encounter in 10man ToC, and with it, took another big step the best and worst possible time. Why is that you ask?

FIST is a Holiday crazy guild and, well, Hallow's End is upon us. The lure of the Headless Horseman, eating candy until you puke, and yet another globe spanning holiday event will surely be enough to derail raiding for a few weeks. Inevitably, once FIST gets back around to hitting up ToC as a guild, knowledge will have been lost and fights will have to be relearned.

The holiday keeps the pressure off. Svenn will have plenty of time to gather mats for flasks, etc. before the next raid start time. It also will provide some extra time for his now, not so secret, side project- Helmuth the Hunter (Lvl 72.... and yes the plan is to tank with him too:) ). Also, Grad School started back up for Svenn this week, which will inevitable take its toll on what precious little free time he has left.
Anyways, Svenn blanked on the screenie- sorry (I'll make sure to get one next time). Gratz to all involved in yet another FIST First!


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