BlizzCon '09

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Last week FIST's very own Feyavalon was able to represent at BlizzCon! After navigating the long lines, persevering through the sweltering heat, and contracting strep-throat :( she was able to get some great pics and have an awesome time. Below are some of the pictures she got, you can check out the complete gallery HERE.

Lots of interesting costumes...



Actors from The Guild...

And of course FIST getting represented on "The Wall", woot!

Then Fey took Frostmourne from Arthas and ruled all of Northrend, and BlizzCon with an iron fist!

Thanks once again to Fey for the pictures, and for reping FIST at BlizzCon. Sorry you got Strep from it, I guess that's what happens if you sit on a frozen throne to long.


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