K'T, K-Fed, and a T-K-O

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The resemblance is uncanny.

Last night FIST defeated K'T for the first time, and as such defeated Naxx in its entirety! Svenn was hoping to do something truly epic for this post, (it has been a long time coming) instead all he could come up with was a lame K-Fed joke. Oh well, it will have to do.

Anyways, by all accounts, it was a fantastic night despite the rocky start. The raid was plagued with technical troubles and lag from the start. This prompted us to bring a third healer to cover any gaps in case one of the healers got DCed or missed a heal due to lag. These difficulties also delayed our start and ruined our first attempt; which saw K'T down to about 34% health. They say the third time is the charm, but FIST is a somewhat impatient group and forced its will upon K'T, dropping him on the second attempt.

The Fight:

Phase one saw us swarmed by skeletons, banshees, and abominations. Ginn was on skelly duties, the mages (Inno and Grayce) took on the banshees, and Svenn and Corday took on the abominations. Jazz and Ark DPS'ed anything and everything that showed up and the healers (Shadow, Qwen, and Giaia) kept everyone topped off on health.

Phase two started as K'T became active. Corday picked him up as DPS finished off the remaining adds from phase one. Once all the adds were down, all focus was shifted to the boss and the DPS race began in earnest. Svenn came up with a little trick that may or may not have helped out; he popped his divine shield and then his divine sacrifice allowing him to soak up some of the raid damage and hopefully give the healers a little break.

Phase three started once K'T hit 45% health and two Crypt Lord type adds were spawned. Svenn grabbed them up and brought them over by K'T so that he could continue to contribute to the fight with AoE damage against K'T while still keeping the attention of the mobs. From there the rest was history. Kel'Thuzad was burned down the rest of the way, and just like that, Svenn's chat pane was filled with achievement announcements.

Phase four was loot distribution and picture time.* Since the fight went so well and was over so early in the evening, the raid split into two groups and headed off to do some celebratory runs through heroic nexus (the daily). Needless to say, both of those runs were successful, and quite a bit easier than ol' K'T.

*Svenn will get up some screenies of FIST's triumphs soon.


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