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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Svenn was going to start off the new Picture gallery tab with screen shots of FIST in front of dead bosses, unfortunately the power went out this morning and he was unable to transfer them from his "WoWing computer" to his "Bloging computer". Instead he will have to lead off the new tab with pics from a few recent fishing trips.

Part One: Setting the stage.

This trip was with 3 other friends out of Whittier, AK. We ran from there out to the Gulf of Alaska to fish for Halibut.
The boat; "Captain Matt's" 19ft Alumaweld.

The Prince William Sound.


Part Two: The fish.

A nice Ling Cod (catch and release until 1 July)

A big ol' skate (we caught way to many of these, they are a pain to reel in and we released them all since they are not good eating).
A pretty Kelp Bass.

Part Three: The keepers.
A nice sized Black Bass.

Halibut (we took what we could get on day one since the seas were a little rough, 5-7ft swells are a bit much in a little boat).

A decent sized Halibut (we didn't hook into any monsters but hey, it's meat in the freezer).


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