Svenn's Rep Debacle

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The other day Svenn was tooling around Northrend when he noticed that he was a measly 250 rep away from exalted with the Kirin' Tor. Not a problem he thought, he could just set dungeon difficulty to Heroic jump in and solo a few trash mobs and be done with it. The results were less than ideal, but it was a learning experience that may well serve useful in the future.

First attempt: Utgarde Keep.
Things were actually not to bad here, and I managed to put down three mobs before I had to retreat out of the instance.
How I did it: (Full Prot Spec) I buffed with Sanctuary, Righteous Fury (for the damage decrease from talents),
Seal of Wisdom (for additional mana regen- one pally tank against some elites, its going to be a marathon of a fight),
ate some Rhinolicious Wormsteak (hey, its what I had in my bags),
threw on a Guru's Elixir (again its what was in the bags),
Put on a Lesser Rune of Warding for good measure,
and finally put up Devotion Aura.
The Fight: I put up Sacred Shield as well as Holy Shield and tossed an Avenger's Shield for the first pull of 2 mobs. I judged Light onto one and immediately Hammer of Justice, lay down Consecration, Shield of Righteousness, Hammer of the Righteous. From there I went into my standard rotation, dropping the stun whenever cool down was up.
Even dishing out 1.2k DPS as a tankadin it took FOREVER to kill the first 2 mobs and I wound up using Lay on Hands (Mana gain from LoH was almost more of the reason than health at that point).
The Result: At 19 rep per mob, I had gained 38 rep at the expense of some rather long cool downs and some dents in my armor.

Not being very bright Svenn decided to venture further in, the next pull came smoothly, one patrolling mob with Hand of Reckoning, tank and spank no issues. The next pull was 3 mobs, I figured if I pulled them back to the instance portal, I could burn one down, jump out of the instance, rinse and repeat until I downed all three. I was wrong, and wound up having to bubble out of the instance seconds before a grisly death.

I tired out several other instances on Heroic, but decided in the long run it wasn't worth it to solo grind on trash in Heroics just for rep. I wound up hitting exalted off the daily cooking quest later in the day, who knew!


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