The Four Who?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Last night was the last shot at the Four Horsemen before the raid reset. Anxious to get the encounter mastered before then, the gang headed back into Naxx for a final shot at glory. Svenn was feeling none to optimistic, seeing as he managed to die before even setting foot in the place (glitched through the side of the ziggurat and fell to my death). The trash mobs before the Horsemen were back, and gave us no end of problems. With accidental pulls and deaths all over the place, we were off to a rocky start. Once everyone was back alive and the groups were all sorted out, we proceeded with the pulls using much more caution, and made our way back to the chamber that had seen so much carnage the night before.

With most of the dieing behind us, we hoped for improved luck on the bosses. The addition of Horaldo's tank to the raid, gave us a bit more flexibility with the setup and we were looking forward to trying new things.

After one attempt at the previous nights strategy, Svenn switched to his Retribution talents for a go at DPSing, while Horaldo picked up tanking duties on the Baron. A few more tries at this setup revealed that MPI was taking too much damage in the back to keep up with the self-heals.

Svenn volunteered to switch yet again and split tanking duties in the back with Kuzuki. After a quick hearth back to Dalaran to pick up my healing set, and a summons back from Arklonn, I was ready to go see what was going on in the back of the room. The extra Mp5 and Spell Power from my healing gear was more than enough to keep me at full health through the switches, even without being speced Holy.

Up front everything went like clock work, and the DPS poured into the Thane, dropping him on the third switch. With the Thane down, they made quick work of the Baron and hastily made their way to the back to finish up Sir Zelek and Lady Blaumeux. And just like that, after countless tries, we came up with the winning "recipe" and could say goodbye to the Horsemen.... at least till next week.


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